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New Radio Broadcasts (China & Liberia)

At a recent meeting of the Let The Bible Speak Board it was decided to trial two new Radio Broadcasts. In recent years China's doors have swung wide open to the World. In light of this open door we have started preparing to broadcast on Shortwave radio through China and parts of Asia. Please pray […]

Spanning the Globe. What God Hath Done!

One of the exciting things about living in the information age is the opportunity to take the gospel to the world to a degree that was unimaginable just a few years ago. Radio, television, and the Internet – so often the instruments of sin and ungodliness – are open to us to sound forth the […]

Monthly Programme Now Available for Purchase Online

Purchase Monthly Programme now through our new store function. Please see the Store Menu for further details.

LTBS CD Collection 40th Anniversary Special Edition

 40th Anniversary CD Collection CD1 – Dr Alan Cairns CD2 – Rev Leslie Curran CD3 – Short Sermons (Various) CD4 – LTBS Music Recordings CD5 – Short talks and Meditations CD6 – Testimonies  Order now when stocks last!  £10 GBP  Bulk orders discounts Rev Leslie Curran  048 27662896.  Payments can be made by Paypal just enter £10.00 along […]

LTBS 40th Anniversary Presentation

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LTBS Quarterly Ezine

Free E Magazines LTBS Quarterly January 2013 Download or View April 2013 Download or View

The Way Forward For LTBS

As we think of the fortieth anniversary of Let The Bible Speak, we have an opportunity to reflect on how God has prospered the work and also consider the Lord’s will for the future of this ministry. The evangelization  of a world of lost souls remains the clear vision of Let The Bible Speak. It […]

Wanted A New Generation Of 25 – Pencers

The initial operating costs of LTBS in 1973 were met partly by gifts from congregations and the introduction of what became known as the 25 Pence Scheme. Two years earlier, Britain had moved to decimalisation and with it came the minting of new coins.  The traditional crown in imperial money was replaced with a 25 […]

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LTBS broadcasts the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all across the World.

Thanks to the help of God's people we have never had to ask for funds during any of our broadcasts.

However if you do wish to help spread the Gospel via Radio or TV please feel free to donate using the button below.

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LTBS is a registered UK Charity Reg: XN48598