New Radio Broadcasts (China & Liberia)

At a recent meeting of the Let The Bible Speak Board it was decided to trial two new Radio Broadcasts. In recent years China’s doors have swung wide open to the World. In light of this open door   we have started preparing to broadcast on Shortwave radio through China and parts of Asia. Please pray for this new venture that we might see God’s hand move and many souls brought to Christ. The Rev David Dicanio (Missionary to Liberia) during a recent visit to Northern Ireland also brought a proposal to LTBS regarding Radio Broadcasts in Monrovia.  This is also a new broadcast area for us and as we already have a Mission Station, Bookshop and two personnel on the ground (Rev Dicanio & Miss Joanne Greer) we felt that we would also trial broadcasts on a local station for six months with the situation being reviewed after that period of time. Please pray for Rev Dicanio as he edits and produces programmes for the broadcasts and that the Lord would show us his will for this venture in the days ahead.

Spanning the Globe. What God Hath Done!

One of the exciting things about living in the information age is the opportunity to take the gospel to the world to a degree that was unimaginable just a few years ago. Radio, television, and the Internet – so often the instruments of sin and ungodliness – are open to us to sound forth the glories of God’s grace in Christ.  Let the Bible Speak is grasping that opportunity and is always looking for ways to reach more people for the Saviour.  We carry the good news of the gospel across Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Caribbean, North America, England, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.  We have a small outreach in New Zealand and enjoy expanded coverage for our programmes by means of Internet radio and also over stations that pick them up from larger carriers. The list of countries where we broadcast and the potential audiences are staggering. Our programmes are heard in vast cities and remote villages. They reach people of all religions and cultures. We have had responses from Muslims who have come to know the Lord, Hindus who have been saved, Roman Catholics who have been led from that dark system of false…

LTBS CD Collection 40th Anniversary Special Edition

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The Way Forward For LTBS

As we think of the fortieth anniversary of Let The Bible Speak, we have an opportunity to reflect on how God has prospered the work and also consider the Lord’s will for the future of this ministry. The evangelization  of a world of lost souls remains the clear vision of Let The Bible Speak. It was with this very vision that LTBS commenced in 1973, and it has been to the fore ever since. What was unclear in those days was how this would be fully accomplished. Resources in manpower and finances were limited. As years passed, more of our ministers became involved in preaching messages, and some gave of other talents and helped in programme production. Our supporter base also increased and many individuals and congregations have given faithful and sacrificial financial support. Initial equipment , which was of the highest recording quality, did not lend itself to speedy editing and duplicating of programmes for various parts of the world. Read More…

Wanted A New Generation Of 25 – Pencers

The initial operating costs of LTBS in 1973 were met partly by gifts from congregations and the introduction of what became known as the 25 Pence Scheme. Two years earlier, Britain had moved to decimalisation and with it came the minting of new coins.  The traditional crown in imperial money was replaced with a 25 -pence coin of the same size, weight, and value as the crown. An appeal was made by the LTBS radio pioneers for 300 people to pledge 25 pence a week to support the radio ministry. The 25 – pence appeal came at a time when Britain and much of the Western world were about to descend into a deep recession. Due to the Yom Kippur War in Israel, the Arab nations restricted oil into pro-Israeli countries causing the price of oil to rise dramatically. Soaring prices brought unemployment and the official introduction of a three day work week in Britain. Despite the economic hardship the Lord’s people rallied to the call and the radio ministry was established. Since then the faithful and generous support of churches and individuals has enabled the work of broadcasting the gospel to continue until this present day. Forty years on…