The Way Forward For LTBS

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The Way Forward For LTBS

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As we think of the fortieth anniversary of Let The Bible Speak, we have an opportunity to reflect on how God has prospered the work and also consider the Lord’s will for the future of this ministry. The evangelization  of a world of lost souls remains the clear vision of Let The Bible Speak. It was with this very vision that LTBS commenced in 1973, and it has been to the fore ever since. What was unclear in those days was how this would be fully accomplished. Resources in manpower and finances were limited.

As years passed, more of our ministers became involved in preaching messages, and some reel to reel recordergave of other talents and helped in programme production.
Our supporter base also increased and many individuals and congregations have given faithful and sacrificial financial support. Initial equipment , which was of the highest recording quality, did not lend itself to speedy editing and duplicating of programmes for various parts of the world.

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