Spanning the Globe. What God Hath Done!

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Spanning the Globe. What God Hath Done!

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One of the exciting things about living in the information age is the opportunity to take the gospel World with Handsto the world to a degree that was unimaginable just a few years ago. Radio, television, and the Internet – so often the instruments of sin and ungodliness – are open to us to sound forth the glories of God’s grace in Christ.  Let the Bible Speak is grasping that opportunity and is always looking for ways to reach more people for the Saviour.  We carry the good news of the gospel across Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Caribbean, North America, England, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.  We have a small outreach in New Zealand and enjoy expanded coverage for our programmes by means of Internet radio and also over stations that pick them up from larger carriers. The list of countries where we broadcast and the potential audiences are staggering.

Our programmes are heard in vast cities and remote villages. They reach people of all religions and cultures. We have had responses from Muslims who have come to know the Lord, Hindus who have been saved, Roman Catholics who have been led from that dark system of false doctrine to saving faith in Christ, and even professed atheists  whose heart the Lord has opened.

Rev Paul Thappa NepalRev Paul Thappa

Rev Paul Thappa, moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of Nepal, preaches over 2o stations, and with LTBS being broadcast a hundred times each week, he covers most of the country.  The Lord has given amazing results. Rev Wesley Graham reports that in 2013 LTBS evangelists visited about 1000 people who had inquired about the gospel. Still we have a considerable backlog of people to be visited. At the end of last year we had requests from 854 people waiting to receive a visit and learn more about the living Christ. Mr Thappa reports: “We receive 250- 300 letters every month.  Most are from Hindus, and some from Buddhists and we send each one A New Beginning. Some people ask for a Bible and we send it to each of them.  More than thirty churches and few fellowships have been formed in various parts of the country as the result of the radio work.  In some places people – especially some orthodox Hindus – are very interested to know about the living God”

The following letter from a Hindu is typical of other responses to the radio ministry:
“One day, you were speaking about coming to Christ, [telling us that] he will take our entire burden on him.  That message truly changed me. Thank you very much for preaching such a powerful and life changing message.  There is no church in my village. I am listening to your program.  If possible please send me a Bible so that I can read.  And I want to request, if there is any opportunity to come to the training college in Kathmandu,  I will definitely come for training. And we can start the church in my village.  My family are not happy about my conversion.  Please pray for me and my family.  I do not know much, but I am trying to tell them what I experienced by conversion.”

Brother Thappa sums up the impact and potential of LTBS in Nepal: “I would say that God is truly working among the people of Nepal through LTBS broadcasting.  I honestly say that this is the only way to reach every house with the gospel.  LTBS now covers more than 75% of the country.  Please pray for this country, so that we may be able to reach every single person of Nepal with this living gospel.”

In addition, through the work of the evangelists eleven new churches were formed. The work is great and so is the need, for at the end of last year we had to replace two of our five evangelists who felt compelled by the needs of their families to seek other employment.



Radio Sri Lanka is a major station with a powerful signal that covers most of the Indian  subcontinent. LTBS has been broadcasting over this station since the 1970’s.  We have already had a steady stream of responses from people across India and have had the joy of hearing some who have been won for Christ and others, Christians already, who have been built up in the faith.

From Karanataka one listener writes to thank us not only for the radio programmes, but for the Quarterly Magazine. A 75-year old listener in Gujarat writes to rejoice in the blessing of hearing our broadcast and pleads, “Please do not discontinue.”  Listeners in Bangalore write to express their gratitude for the programmes and again for the magazine. A non-Christian writes from Kelaniya, “I am from Sri Lanka.  I have been listening to your programmes, it’s very interesting.  Even though I’m non-Christian I am reading the Bible.  I would like to know more about Jesus Christ. Thank you.”  Another Sri Lankan listener, a 79 year old recently widowed mother of six, writes from Watala to ask prayer for her family, a burden that every ageing parent with unsaved family can understand.  From other correspondence we are heartened by the impact that the both radio messages and the LTBS Quarterly magazine are having in the lives of many of God’s people who live in the midst of a strongly Hindu society.


LTBS programming is no longer confined to a traditional radio stations, though these continue to be the main outlets. The Internet provides a way for us to reach people who are not within our primary broadcast areas. From West Malaysia we received this message:  “Recently I was browsing the Internet for a Christian Magazine and fortunately I found your website. I am interested to read Let The Bible Speak.  Could you send me the magazine. I’m interested very much to learn about the Bible truth and Jesus our Saviour.”


Let the Bible Speak has currently just a single outlet in New Zealand, though we have the possibility of adding a programme on an Internet station. We have been broadcasting in Palmerstown North on Access Manawatu since March 2011. There are about 80,000 people in the coverage area, but more can hear the broadcasts via the station’s online service. Rev Andy Foster visited Emmanuel  Congregational Church, and the deacons so enjoyed the ministry that they decided to sponsor a weekly broadcast featuring Mr Foster’s preaching.  Emmanuel Church secretary, Mr Austin Teulon, commented: “We have very much appreciated Rev Andy Foster’s ministry and are thrilled to be able to sponsor his weekly LTBS broadcast on our local community radio station. We do pray that lives will be transformed through the hearing of the word.”


Over Radio East Africa, LTBS is heard weekly by many Kenyans. One listener writes to express thanks for the programmes and for gospel literature as a result of which he testifies, ” I have known truly there is a God.” Some write to say how much their spiritual growth owes to our teaching, while others want to know more clearly the way of salvation.
A new Christian writes that he has come to love the Lord because God has changed him through listening to LTBS;  he daily seeks the Lord in prayer and Bible reading.  Another listener writes, “I am writing this letter after listening to your radio broadcast.  I am not saved and have found myself with many questions to which I have found many answers in your broadcasts.”

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