Let the Bible Speak (LTBS) was formed in 1973 and began gospel broadcasting that same year. From a small beginning (initially broadcasts were on just one radio station in the Isle of Man) the Lord has been pleased to prosper the work abundantly.

LTBS radio programmes are now heard on many stations in the UK, Irish Republic, N.America, India, Africa, Nepal, Iran and Afghanistan (see schedule). Though international in its scope, some Free Presbyterian congregations sponsor weekly LTBS programmes as a local outreach ministry.

In addition to our radio broadcasts, programmes are now aired on Sky TV. LTBS is financed entirely by the free-will offerings and gifts of the Lords people and money is never solicited in any way on air. We are most grateful to all who so generously and faithfully support the work year by year with their gifts and prayers.

As you visit this website and either browse, stream or download programmes may the Lord bless His Word to your heart and reveal Christ to your soul.

Rev Leslie Curran Director