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"Thy Word Have I Hid In Mine Heart..." Psalm 119 : 11

No God like Our God

There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun.
23rd April
C. H. Spurgeon
There is nothing little in God.
This is a sentence from Moses last earthly utterance. What a way to leave the world! Facing death and reviewing the way in which the Lord had led him, Moses was at peace. He was absolutely sure that all those years before, when by faith he had turned his back on Egypt and had chosen to suffer reproach for Christ (Heb. 11:25-26), he had made the right choice, followed the right Master, and associated with the right people.

Happy is the man who can face death and eternity with the same assurance in the Lord. To choose Christ is often to choose earthly loss or painful persecution. Carnal men consider us lunatic if we turn our backs on the pleasures and treasures of Egypt to take up our cross and follow Christ. But those earthly baubles are useless in the hour of death. Only a living faith in Christ can comfort us as we enter eternity. If Christ is our Saviour in life, He will be our song in death.

Today, let us give much thought to the unique greatness of the Lord. He is the ever-living God. He is the ever-loving God. He is the everlasting God. The gods men worship are idols. They have no existence outside the imaginations of their creators. Our God is the true God, beside whom there is none else (Isa. 45:21-22). He controls all things. He keeps us continually in His thoughts. He protects and helps us. He daily loads us with benefits. Best of all, He has placed us in Christ, pardoning all our sins and clothing us in His imputed righteousness. Those whom He justifies He also glorifies (Rom. 8:29-30), thus establishing our eternal security in Christ.

Rejoice, O Christian, rejoice in the Lord! We have a great God and Saviour. Amid the trials of life He will not fail nor forsake us. When we come to die, He will carry us through in triumph. Therefore our testimony will forever beas it now isThere is no God like our God.