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April TV Recordings
8th May 2019
First team goes through camera training
Colour Balance under control
Recording under way
First team goes through camera training
New Cameras in Action for the first time
New Cameras in Action for the first time
Audio Room Training Ongoing
New Cameras in Action for the first time
New Cameras in Action for the first time
Our latest TV recordings in mid-April achieved a 'first' on several counts.

They were the first we did with our recently purchased high definition cameras and video mixing suite. We are now using our own equipment for both audio and video which will mean a much needed reduction in production costs in the long term. Once a few technical ‘problems’ were sorted on the night, everything in the video control room functioned well.
The many hours of preparation and installation were not in vain!

Another 'first' was in connection with the new cameras. Young men from our congregations were learning how to frame the required shots, operate camera and dolly controls and do it all in compliance with the requests of the director in the video control room. Soon they will be proficient   In the necessary skills and able to handle all operations without supervision. We are hugely indebted to them for giving of their time and expertise.

Yet another 'first' was the recording of  full length 'preaching only' programs. This additional format is one we will broadcast at intervals, as a variation of our regular program format.

We are truly thankful for all our willing helpers in every department and extend our sincere thanks once again to all who came and participated in the furtherance of the glorious gospel our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.