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Temperature Rises on TV Recordings
2nd July 2018
Recording from the Balcony
Full Attendance!
LTBS Audio Mixer
A Captive Audience
Lights, Camera, Action
Thanks to our very talented organists
LTBS Cameraman of the Future
Hot - but still an enjoyable experience
Ballymena FPC take the Saturday AM Session
Cameras are rolling
Lively Enjoyable Hymn Singing
Lively Enjoyable Hymns Singing
Thanks to all who took part
Once again, we Let the Bible Speak
Another set of 12 TV recordings was successfully completed stretching over 4 sessions from 28th to 30th June.

On the Saturday we fitted in 3 sessions in each of the AM and PM slots. A very busy day and at the end of it those 'on duty' from the Thurs evening had tired bodies but very thankful hearts!

Apart from the first session when a few minor electronic matters delayed the start a little,each recording ran to time. With good summer weather, high temperatures left everyone struggling more than a little and so between recordings we relied heavily on a fan and copious supplies of orange and blackcurrant drinks.

While the physical temperature was high, it didn't make the spiritual temperature lukewarm. Those conducting the singing, leading in prayer and reading the Scriptures knew the Lord's help. Our preachers were conscious of the Lord's presence and the word in the gospel was a blessing to the congregations. The playing of our guest organists was also a rich blessing.

Without a congregation our television ministry would not be possible and we thank all who took the time and made the effort to come. Some had rushed home from work and missed a meal so that they could be with us. A few showed their enthusiasm with attendance on successive evenings and on Saturday as well. Parents with their children and young people with their friends gave very much a sense of a family gathering.

We must express thanks to those who gave unstinting help in the actual recordings. To all our audio and video recordists and floor managers we are deeply indebted.

As we continue DV with more recordings in October we plan to commence broadcasting the programmes already recorded.

Full details of dates and time slots will be announced in good time. Pray for a great ingathering of souls and much fruit for the Lord's glory.