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October TV Recordings Successful
20th October 2018
Thanks to all who helped in any way
Audio Recording Room during recording
Thanks to our camera operators
Video Production room during recording
Thanks to the Ministers and Organists who have taken part
The Sound Team hard at work
Thanks to our congregation members
Thanks to our congregation members
Thanks to our congregation members
Thanks to our congregation members
A further twelve programmes for our TV ministry have just been completed successfully. They extended over four recording sessions from 18th - 20th October 2018.

A sincere 'thank you' to all who were present as part of the congregation. Many made a sacrificial effort to be with us and some came at short notice to fill a gap, when last minute changes had to be made. We are deeply appreciative of your presence in the work and fellowship of the gospel. Without a congregation these recordings would be impossible.

Our ministers who preached so willingly and faithfully are also in our debt and we record our thanks to them for all their help and encouragement. Pray that the Lord will bless His word in a powerful way to all who tune in at the broadcast times.

Revelation TV channel will 'air' our programmes at 6:30am and 7:30pm each Wednesday, commencing 7th November 2018. These programmes can be viewed on:
Sky TV – channel 581
Freesat – channel 692
Freeview HD – channel 264
ROKU BOX – Scroll through to Revelation TV
Apple TV, iPhone/iPad and Android – Download the Revelation TV app
Online – or

More recording sessions are planned DV for 2019. Dates to be arranged.

The ongoing nature of the TV recordings has highlighted the need for both technical, e.g. video and sound engineers and non-technical volunteers e.g. cable handlers. The equipment that we will be working with requires a certain amount of training to ensure proper handling and care and we would like to be putting that training in place now to be ready for the next set of recordings.

If you are willing to have your name go on a list and be called when help is required, please contact Mark by emailing