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TV Project
20th January 2018
TV Project
Work continues in preparation for more TV recordings. The photograph shows the lighting rig securely in place in the Sunday school complex of our Lurgan church. We say "thank you" to everyone who has spent many hours in making and mounting brackets and also in priming and painting trusses. By the time you read this article, all cabling, lights, and sockets will be in place and the electricity supply connected.

After listening to feedback from the six programmes already broadcast, we have been busy sourcing HD cameras for all future recordings. Renting has proved problematic and works out an expensive option (just one camera costs £300 for one day). Our preference is to purchase cameras, and, while initially costly, over the longer term it will be less expensive.

We are able to obtain pews for seating arrangements from our Banbridge congregation and at no cost to LTBS. Their generosity and encouragement are deeply appreciated.

Very soon our "church" recording venue will be ready for you to come and give support as we record the programmes. Shortly, details of times and arrangements will be announced. Pray for the Lord's blessing to rest on this endeavour for His glory.