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The LTBS magazine was relaunched in April 2017. While the size of the magazine changed, the purpose and vision of it remains the same to this day. Through each edition we strive to 'Let The Bible Speak' by providing teaching articles that we hope will bless and edify God's people.

We also include evangelistic articles, testimonies, biographies, word studies, topical articles and practical advise to help others Let The Bible Speak in their own lives.

It is exciting to see the magazine launched in this digital format. I pray that it will reach, and be a blessing to, many people around the world.

Please read, enjoy and share these articles.

Every blessing,
Rev. Ryan McKee
LTBS Quarterly 2:18

Issue 2:18 / April 2018

In this Edition...
  • The Importance of the Prayer Meeting
  • News
  • Missionary Focus - Calgary
  • PRAY - Praise
  • PRAY - Repentance
  • PRAY - Asking
  • PRAY - Yielding
  • Testimony - Heather Downey
  • William Whiteside Interview
  • Helping you Let the Bible Speak to Children
  • Bible Words - Faith
  • Ladies Devotional - A Mother-in-Law with a Difference
LTBS Quarterly 1:18

Issue 1:18 / January 2018

In this Edition...
  • Update on the New Website
  • Update on the TV Project
  • TIME - There is a Season
  • TIME - Redeeming the Time
  • TIME - Now is the Accepted Time
  • TIME - Take Time to be Holy
  • TIME - Time for a Break
  • Frank McClelland Interview
  • Advice - Speaking to Children
  • Bible Words - Fellowship
  • Ladies Devotional - It is the Lord
LTBS Quarterly 3:17

Issue 3:17 / October 2017

In this Edition...
  • News: Update on Television Programme
  • News: Opening of Radio Station in Liberia
  • Sola Fide
  • Sola Scriptura
  • Sola Christus
  • Sola Gratia
  • Soli Deo Gloria
  • The Priceless Legacy of the Reformation
  • Bible Words - Reconciliation
  • Advice: Door-to-Door Evangelism
  • Ladies Devotional - Consider the Lilies
LTBS Quarterly 2:17

Issue 2:17 / July 2017

In this Edition...
  • Missionary Focus: Liberia
  • The State of Europe before the Reformation
  • Biography of Martin Luther
  • Lesser-Known Reformers - Zwingli
  • Lesser-Known Reformers - Melancthon
  • Bible Words - Justification
  • George White Interview
  • In the Open Air
  • The Importance of Gospel Preaching
  • Ladies Devotional - One-Way Ticket to Tarshish
LTBS Quarterly 1:17

Issue 1:17 / April 2017

In this Edition...
  • The History of the New Beginnings Booklet
  • The Book of Beginnings
  • Testimony of a New Beginning
  • Blessings of Beginning the Christian Life
  • Missionary Focus, Uganda
  • Gordon Cooke Interview
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Biblical Words Redemption
  • Ladies Devotional - When Waves get into your Boat
  • Annual Accounts
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