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"Thy Word Have I Hid In Mine Heart..." Psalm 119 : 11

The Greatest Subject in the World

The salvation of your souls.
1 PETER 1:9
16th June
Robert Leighton
These are the gold mines in which the abiding treasures of eternity are to be found and therefore worthy of all the digging and pains we can bestow on them.
There is no greater subject upon which to discourse than the glorious theme of the salvation of the soul. It is so wonderful that even the angels desire to look into it (I Pet. 1:12). Here is a subject fit for holy angels' minds. The language of this verse speaks of bending down to examine the subject closely. These elect, unfallen angels have no personal need for salvation; yet they desire to ponder its inscrutable wisdom, holiness, and grace.

How much more must we poor mortals, the recipients of such a grand salvation, constantly ponder its depths and dimensions. A very telling example is set before us in the testimony concerning the prophets in verse 10. These prophets had much knowledge from the revelation that the Holy Ghost had given them. They had an understanding of the grace of God's salvation, for they prophesied of the grace that should come unto us. What a subject for contemplationthe grace of God! They had also a knowledge of the ground of Gods salvation, for the Spirit of God testified beforehand of the sufferings of Christ. What further subject for contemplation - the love of God expressed in blood at Calvary! They also had some revelation of the glory of God's salvation, the glory that shall be hereafter. How wonderful to contemplate the glory! Yet we read that they inquired and searched diligently. They were not satisfied with their knowledge and understanding of these things. Whatever our knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures may be, let us likewise never be satisfied, but diligently search the Scriptures daily for fuller wisdom.