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April 2022 TV Recordings
9th May 2022
Giving of their time in service to the Lord
Rev McLaughlin preached during the final recording of the evening
A Special word of thank to those who came along.
Rev Curran commits the recordings to God in Prayer
A profound ‘thank you’ to all who joined us in our recent TV recording sessions on 25th, 27th and 28th April. It makes such a difference when a congregation is present - singing is much enhanced, preachers are noticeably encouraged and the hearts of everyone uplifted. We are deeply indebted to all who faithfully give of their time and help fill up the pews during our recordings. It is important that we maintain sizeable numbers, at least in the thirties or forties, to facilitate a varied choice of camera shots for on-screen viewing.

On the technical side we are blessed with many volunteer camera crews along with audio and video technicians. All have vital roles to fill and without them the work would be impossible. Good team-work is essential and we are favoured with willing and faithful bands of co-workers in this aspect of the ministry. Sincere thanks to everyone involved.

Refreshments are provided each evening by ladies from our Lurgan congregation and their labour of love is highly valued.

This outreach needs continuing prayer to see the Lord give the increase in winning lost souls for His glory. We are but ‘labourers together with God' (1 Cor.3:9).

In closing, just a reminder of the next recording dates - 6th, 8th and 9th June DV. May we  know much of the Lord’s presence, have good attendances and refreshing fellowship in the furtherance of the Gospel.