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June TV Recordings
2nd July 2019
Successful June Recordings
Successful June Recordings
Successful June Recordings
Successful June Recordings
Another set of nine TV programs were recorded on the evenings of 21st, 22nd and 24th June. Three of them were in our new ‘preaching only’ format with Revs W. Graham, W. McDermott and J. Morrow proclaiming the Word. Rev's J. Armstrong, M. Lecky, P. McIntyre, R. McKee,
T. Ormerod and G. Wilson preached on the other six.

Then on Fri 28th Dr Cairns recorded a further three messages for inclusion in our preaching only programs as part of a special series on the subject of 'Worthy is the Lamb'.

We had folks from over ten of our congregations participating in the various sessions and we thank them for their continuing interest and support.

To our preachers we also express thanks for their willingness to come and preach Christ in all His fulness.

The new equipment is meeting expectations and our volunteer operators are showing developing skills in camera techniques, colour grading and audio work.

Two very proficient floor managers coordinate each session ensuring preachers and congregations meet their cues and programs run smoothly.

Dates for your Diary

The next recordings are planned DV for 16th, 19th, 20th, 23rd and 27th September.

Thank you all for your continuing interest and support.