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An addition to the radio ministry of LTBS is a planned television ministry. A few years ago a number of fifteen-minute programmes, with 'one talking head', were aired on a Sky TV channel.

Following these initial broadcasts, a longer and more structured format developed. This resulted in six, thirty-minute programmes being recorded in the Complex of our Martyrs Memorial Church in Belfast using multiple cameras and a live congregation of around one hundred people. In 2017 these broadcasts were transmitted on the Revelation channel of the Sky network.

The encouraging response received was a further token of the Lord's goodness and preparations are ongoing to have further recording sessions in the Complex of our Lurgan church.

By this witness we endeavour to reach the whole of the UK with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. While it is expensive in terms of equipment and airtime, it is another means of reaching lost souls in our own nation; those souls that are of priceless worth and cannot be valued in material terms. This outreach also makes the ministry of our gifted preachers available to those who would never see and hear them in the flesh.
LTBS TV Program 130
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 130. Special Speaker: Rev Brian McClung. Bible reading: Isaiah 38 : 9 - 20. Subject: Divine Love for a Sinner's Soul. Hymns: And can it be that I should gain & Let us sing of his love once again.
Rev. Brian McClung
Isaiah 38:9-20
LTBS TV Program 129
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 129. Special Speaker: Rev John Woods. Bible reading: Isaiah 51 : 1 - 6. Subject: God's Everlasting Salvation. Hymns: There is a story sweet to hear & God loved the world of sinners lost.
Rev. John Woods
Isaiah 51:1-6
LTBS TV Program 128
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 128. Special Speaker: Rev Derek Erwin. Bible reading: Genesis 21 : 14 - 19. Subject: God opened her eyes. Hymns: Under the burdens of guilt and care & Life for a look.
Rev. Derek Erwin
Genesis 21:14-19
LTBS TV Program 127
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 127. Special Speaker: Rev Colin Mercer. Bible reading: Matthew 28 : 7. Subject: Three views of the Risen Christ. Hymns: I'm not ashamed to own my Lord & Sound the gospel of grace abroad.
Rev. Colin Mercer
Matthew 28:7
LTBS TV Program 126
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 126. Special Speaker: Rev Thomas Martin. Bible reading: Acts 1 : 1 - 11. Subject: Christ our Risen, Ascended and Returning Lord! Hymns: Man of Sorrows & Low in the Grave He Lay
Rev. Thomas Martin
Acts 1:1-11
LTBS TV Program 125
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 125. Special Speaker: Rev. Julian Patterson. Bible reading: John 20 : 19 - 23. Subject: Christ's Manifestation at a Time of Hesitation. Hymns: Have you been to Jesus & Jesus is passing this way.
Julian Patterson
John 20:19-23
LTBS TV Program 124
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 124. Special Speaker: Rev. Graham Lucas. Bible reading: Psalm 145. Subject: The Lord is Righteous. Hymns: Jesus, keep me near the cross & Jesus! The Name High Over All
Graham Lucas
Psalm 145
LTBS TV Program 123
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 123. Special Speaker: Dr. Nigel Campbell. Bible reading: Psalm 55 : 1 - 8 & 16 - 23. Subject: Comfort for the Anxious Heart.
Dr. Nigel Campbell
Psalm 55:1-8; Psalm 55:16-23
LTBS TV Program 122
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 122. Special Speaker: Rev. Derek Erwin. Bible reading: Esther 2 : 21 - 23. Subject: 'It was found out'. Hymns: I was sinking deep in sin & What can wash away my sin?
Rev. Derek Erwin
Esther 2:21-23
LTBS TV Program 121
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 121. Special Speaker: Rev. Andrew Stewart. Bible reading: Acts 24 : 22 - 27. Subject: Trembling but Not Trusting. Hymns: Life at best is very brief & Only Trust Him
Rev. Andrew Stewart
Acts 24:22-27