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Along with the Radio ministry of LTBS, the TV ministry was started as an additional way to broadcast the Word of God. A few years ago a number of fifteen-minute programmes, with 'one talking head', were aired on a Sky TV channel.

Following these initial broadcasts, a longer and more structured format developed. This resulted in six, thirty-minute programmes being recorded in the Complex of our Martyrs Memorial Church in Belfast using multiple cameras and a live congregation of around one hundred people. In 2017 these broadcasts were transmitted on the Revelation channel of the Sky network.

The encouraging response received was a further token of the Lord's goodness and the work continues with further recording sessions in the Complex of our Lurgan church taking place at regular intervals.

By this witness we endeavour to reach the whole of the UK with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. While it is expensive in terms of equipment and airtime, it is another means of reaching lost souls in our own nation; those souls that are of priceless worth and cannot be valued in material terms. This outreach also makes the ministry of our gifted preachers available to those who would never see and hear them in the flesh.

Revelation TV channel will 'air' our programmes at 6:30am and 7:30pm each Wednesday.

These programmes can be viewed on:
Sky TV - channel 581
Freesat - channel 692
Freeview HD - channel 264
ROKU BOX - Scroll through to Revelation TV
Apple TV, iPhone/iPad and Android - Download the Revelation TV app
Online - or

Please remember to tune in and enjoy the services.
LTBS TV Program 291
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 291. Special Speaker: Rev Julian Patterson. Bible reading: John 11 : 32 - 44 & 12 : 1 - 3. Subject: Lazarus: A Dead Man Walking. Hymns: Immortal, Invisible & To God Be The Glory.
Julian Patterson
John 11:32-44; John 12:1-3
LTBS TV Program 290
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 290. Special Speaker: Rev Joshua Moffatt. Bible reading: Jonah 1 : 1 - 3 & 3 : 1 - 5. Subject: Our Failures Are Not Final. FPC Youth Choir will sing Now Thank We All Our God
Joshua Moffatt
Jonah 1:1-3; Jonah 3:1-5
LTBS TV Program 289
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 289. Special Speaker: Rev David Smith. Bible reading: Psalm 34 : 1 - 8. Subject: A Cry From A Troubled Soul. Hymns: O Soul Are you Weary & My Soul Hath Found.
Rev. David Smith
Psalm 34:1-8
LTBS TV Program 288
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 288. Special Speaker: Mr Stephen Crawford. Bible reading: Romans 10 : 1 - 3. Subject: Paul's Desire For The Jews. Hymns: We have heard the Joyful Sound & Hark! Tis the Shepherds Voice I Hear.
Mr. Stephen Crawford
Romans 10:1-3
LTBS TV Program 287
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 287. Special Speaker: Rev David Brown. Bible reading: Matthew 8 : 18 - 27. Subject: "Save Me Or I Perish". Magherafelt FPC Choir will sing I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art.
Rev. David Brown
Matthew 8:18-27
LTBS TV Program 286
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 286. Special Speaker: Rev Roger Higginson. Bible reading: Psalm 102 : 1 - 7. Subject: Loneliness. Hymns: Tell me the story of Jesus & I stand amazed in the presence.
Rev. Roger Higginson
Psalm 102:1-7
LTBS TV Program 285
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 285. Special Speaker: Rev James Porter. Bible reading: Genesis 3 : 6 - 17. Subject: The First Gospel Promise. Hymns: Jesus! The Name High Over All & There is Power in the Blood.
Rev. James Porter
Genesis 3:6-17
LTBS TV Program 284
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 284. Special Speaker: Rev Garth Wilson. Bible reading: Genesis 3 : 1 - 14. Subject: A Searching Question. The United Presbytery Choir will sing Faith is the Victory.
Rev. Garth Wilson
Genesis 3:1-14
LTBS TV Program 283
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 283. Special Speaker: Rev Cairin Salt. Bible reading: 1 Samuel 17 : 40 - 49. Subject: Operation Elah. Hymns: There's a Royal Banner & Ho, My Comrades.
Rev. Cairin Salt
1 Samuel 17:40-49
LTBS TV Program 282
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 282. Special Speaker: Rev John Greer. Bible reading: John 19 : 28 - 37. Subject: Christ's Finished Work. Hymns: Tis Finished! The Messiah Dies & Before the Throne of God Above.
Rev. John Greer
John 19:28-37