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An addition to the radio ministry of LTBS is a planned television ministry. A few years ago a number of fifteen-minute programmes, with 'one talking head', were aired on a Sky TV channel.

Following these initial broadcasts, a longer and more structured format developed. This resulted in six, thirty-minute programmes being recorded in the Complex of our Martyrs Memorial Church in Belfast using multiple cameras and a live congregation of around one hundred people. In 2017 these broadcasts were transmitted on the Revelation channel of the Sky network.

The encouraging response received was a further token of the Lord's goodness and preparations are ongoing to have further recording sessions in the Complex of our Lurgan church.

By this witness we endeavour to reach the whole of the UK with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. While it is expensive in terms of equipment and airtime, it is another means of reaching lost souls in our own nation; those souls that are of priceless worth and cannot be valued in material terms. This outreach also makes the ministry of our gifted preachers available to those who would never see and hear them in the flesh.
LTBS TV Program 263
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 263. Special Speaker: Rev Andrew Murray. Bible reading: Judges 13 : 16 - 23. Subject: Assurance. The United Presbytery Choir will sing Oh Christ in Thee My Soul Hath Found.
Rev. Andrew Murray
Judges 13:16-23
LTBS TV Program 262
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 262. Special Speaker: Rev Simon Anderson. Bible reading: Psalm 1. Subject: The Coming Judgement. Hymns: There is a story sweet to hear & Someday we'll stand before the judgement bar.
Rev Simon Anderson
Psalm 1
LTBS TV Program 261
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 261. Special Speaker: Rev David McMillan. Bible reading: Acts 12 : 1 - 12. Subject: The Importance of the Prayer Meeting. The Whitefield College Choir will sing Lord Keep Us Steadfast In Your Word
Rev. David McMillan
Acts 12:1-12
LTBS TV Program 260
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 260 Special Speaker: Rev Derek Erwin. Bible reading: Genesis 45 : 17 - 28. Subject: He Made the Right Decision. Hymns: Come to the Saviour & Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour.
Rev. Derek Erwin
Genesis 45:17-28
LTBS TV Program 259
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 259 Special Speaker: Rev John Armstrong. Bible reading: Acts 14 : 8 - 18. Subject: The Man of Lystra. The United Presbytery Choir will sing Glory Be To God The Father.
Rev. John Armstrong
Acts 14:8-18
LTBS TV Program 257
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 257 Special Speaker: Rev Darryl Abernethy. Bible reading: Luke 8 : 4 - 12. Subject: The Enemy of the Harvest. Hymns: Are you sowing the seed & Come, ye thankful people, come.
Rev. Darryl Abernethy
Luke 8:4-12
LTBS TV Program 258
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 258 Special Speaker: Rev Andrew Stewart. Bible reading: 1 Corinthians 5. Subject: Christ Our Passover. Hymns: When God Of Old & My God I Have Found.
Rev. Andrew Stewart
1 Corinthians 5
LTBS TV Program 256
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 256 Special Speaker: Rev John Morrow. Bible reading: Luke 23 : 33 - 43. Subject: Converted or Condemned at Calvary. The United Presbytery Choir will sing Faith is the Victory.
Rev. John Morrow
Luke 23:33-43
LTBS TV Program 255
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 255 Special Speaker: Rev John Woods. Bible reading: John 11 : 14 - 28. Subject: Faith in the Lord Jesus. Hymns: My Faith Looks up to Thee & Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.
Rev. John Woods
John 11:14-28
LTBS TV Program 254
Let the Bible Speak - TV Recording 254 Special Speaker: Rev Nathan McVeigh. Bible reading: Matthew 13 : 24 - 30 & 36 - 43. Subject: The Harvent. Hymns: Bringing in the Sheaves & Life at best is very brief.
Rev. Nathan McVeigh
Matthew 13:24-43